Despite everything, adorable old cat Ethel remains ‘ridiculously friendly’ to rescuers

escuers in Glendale, Queens, NY, adopted an older kitten, possibly 15-20 years old, named “Ethel”. Although she was in dire straits at the time, she was “ridiculously friendly” and “extremely grateful” for the care they gave her.

Timber’s Legacy shared the news about this special cat and her past photos are heartbreaking. But don’t worry she soon gets the help she needs thanks to the rescuers and kind people who have donated to help her.


When Ethel’s carer reached out for help, a wonderful volunteer came to the rescue. Rescuers say the caretaker believes the friendly cat may be 20 years old. At any age, she has some serious health concerns.

To complicate things, Ethel has diabetes and needs insulin. With treatment they hope to see a significant recovery, but it won’t be easy. Despite serious health concerns, this elderly cat has an incredible attitude and will to live. We see it all the time with senior rescue cats, who quickly win over their caretakers.

Before coming to her foster home Ethel made a new friend, Norbert the Weimaraner. Afterwards, Ethel goes to her new home, where she boldly adapts again and befriends another dog named Gracie. Her fur is growing back and she is “in love”.

A month later, Ethel looks like a new cat, and her diabetes is in remission as everyone had hoped. But her pursuit remains the same, how she has transformed in such a short time!

Thanks to supporters, the rescue team was able to allow Ethel to enjoy her Golden Years to the fullest. In return, she gives unconditional love to everyone around her. Senior cats have a lot to offer their caregivers, and while that may sound like personification, they often show you how grateful they are.

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