Despite A Life Spent On The Streets, All She Wanted Was To Get Her Babies Off The Sidewalk And Into A Home!

After living outside all her life, a calico cat finally has eight kittens in her home, away from the streets.

Trying her best to take care of her 3-month-old kittens, a stray cat was found and placed in the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, where it was discovered that she was heavily pregnant again. Two days later, she went into labor and gave birth to a litter of eight kittens! She was found just in time!

She had lived outside her whole life and was covered in fleas when she first arrived. Due to their age, older kittens are quickly adopted, so the gorgeous calico can focus on her newborn kittens. The one thing she needs most is a foster home. So Angela took her in, providing her with a comfortable nest.

For the first time in her life, Celeste has a home of her own, along with kittens Drizzle, Sunny, Breeze, Moon, Cloud, Rain, Twinkle and Storm.

At first, she was a little nervous at my house. She has lived her whole life outside, and a lot of things are new to her. However, she gradually adapted and was happy to get all the help she needed while taking care of her eighties!

“Being a mother of eight children is a tough and exhausting job, but she is a mother who loves her kittens very much. Celeste is very patient and keeps all of her children clean and well fed,” Angela said.

She’s completely at ease, now the adorable sweet cat she’s always wanted to be.

Her babies are growing up so fast and now they are being lovingly cared for by both Angela and her sweet floral mother.

“They are almost three weeks old. Their eyes all opened and they started to walk a little. Kittens this age rely on their sense of smell to navigate the world. They instinctively hiss whenever they smell something strange.”

When one kitten begins to cry for her mother’s attention, soon the others join in. Before long, Celeste found herself completely occupied. Especially now that her children have all four legs! When her children are old enough to be adopted, Celeste will no longer have to be a mother.

Once and for all, she’ll get the attention she deserves as she loves her new life as a child.

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