Dad Defends Letting His 1-Year-Old Son Nap and Cuddle With Huge Pit Bull

Pit bulls suffer worse than any other breed when faced with unjust prejudices. The public has always considered pit bulls to be aggressive dogs.

Just like any breed, it all just depends on the environment and upbringing of the dog. Many pit bulls are quite affectionate and outgoing, both to people and other animals.

However, the breed has suffered greatly due to its ugly image, not only are they frequently used in illegal dogfights but also have difficulty finding homes. They are the breed that shelters see the most.

Many pit bull advocates have worked hard to refute the rumors and restore their reputations, with one father defending his dogs after being criticized for leaving them near his children.

The owner of MVP Kennels, where the American Bully is kept, is Jarad Derochey. Despite their image, he is an absolute believer that these dogs make great pets; His social media accounts show how happy and sociable pit bulls are. He feels comfortable letting his dogs spend time with his little ones because he trusts them so much.

Jarad has proven that pit bulls can happily cuddle children, despite the concerns of many pit bull detractors about how they will behave with babies. While many thought the pictures were cute, some weren’t: Jarad is said to have faced some backlash from those who say he is endangering his son’s life. himself when he allowed him to sleep with a pit bull.

But he stood up for both himself and the dogs. He is said to have spoken out and expressed hope that the priceless images will change people’s perception of the breed, noting that his pit bulls are gentle and loving. love so they will never hurt his children.


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