Dаds Who Refused To Allow A Dog In The House, But These Piсtures Sρeаƙ For Themselves

These dads know it all too well. They “didn’t want the damn dog” in the house, but just moments after welcoming the new furry family members they were completely sold. We sure did at least a couple, and each time the story ended the same way – the cat hater unexpectedly got themselves a cat, and now they’re best friends forever.

For years my father used to say he hated the pet we had. Then one day I caught him with a dog on his armchair and him stroking it and the dog’s comforted.

My Dad Never Wanted A dOG, And Look At Him Now

When We Met 13 Years Ago He Told Me, “I’m More Of A Dog Person, Really”

Dad Says He Doesn’t Like The DOG, Saw This

My Dad Doesn’t Want A DOG But The Cat Definitely Wants My Dad


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