Cute Cat Enjoys Massaging And Getting His Friends The Hig

There’s nothing like getting a massage on the spot. A cute fluffy cat was surprised when his owner gave him an electric head massage.

The strange short-haired cat Mumaru Samma was happy when the strange animal rubbed his hairy head. In an image shared on his Instagram account, Mumaru is a bit suspicious of the device and tries to bite it back out of surprise.

But after a few seconds, Mumaru quickly realized that was his comfort and gave up the fight. The adorable cute cat was filmed enjoying the massage, his eyes rolling back to the back of his head. Happy smiling face enjoying the massage machine running on his head area looks so excited.

You might think an electric massage for a cat is too indulgent but little Mumaru is used to the good life. The adorable pet is often pictured strolling around in dandy shirts, wearing accessories like hats and jewelry and getting groomed. And people can’t have enough content.

Mumaru’s Instagram account has attracted more than 30,000 followers, who keep up to date with the cat’s latest pranks. And attention did not go to his head. Mumaru is happy to share the limelight with his ‘brother’ Mujisama, a dog. Muji, whose account posts videos of massages, is equally pampered and the couple often envision a happy life together.

The sweet pets have been pictured sipping coconut water while at beach clubs in Thailand, where they live with owner A Jumbo.

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