Couple Gives One-eyed Kitten with Snaggletooth a Chance While Others Say It Isn’t Worth It.

A few years ago, a feral cat appeared on the doorstep of a family and decided to make it their home.

Alex the owner of the house shared: “We immediately bonded so she stayed forever. A few weeks later, I realized that she was pregnant.”

Mama Plop gave birth to four beautiful kittens and the little one is called Peanut aka P because it’s the smallest. “I quickly realized she couldn’t breastfeed like everyone else, so I gave her a bottle until she was old enough to eat wet food,” says Alex.

Plop is so tiny, only half the size of his siblings. She barely weighed enough for them to really know her weight for a long time at the vet. It’s not even registered!

Peanut couldn’t see until one day her good eye cleared and opened. She was born with only one eye and part of her nose missing but the little friend let nothing slow her down.

“She has defects on one side of her body, specifically her eyes and nose. Fortunately, she is completely healthy,” Alex said. As she got older, her crooked teeth became more prominent. It just adds cuteness to the sweet one-eyed cat.

“She has the cutest personality out of all the cats I’ve ever seen. She would come looking for me around the house and lead me to her food bowl to be petted.”

Alex said: “She sat on her human father’s shoulder every night around dinner time watching me cook and get some food. She really was my best friend.”

She is forever a kitten, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in character. Recently, Plop has a new sister, named Phoebe, and they immediately become close friends. At six months old, Phoebe was older than Plop the two were completely inseparable.

“I remember nearly a dozen people telling me that it was not worth it to keep Plop alive or see what she became,” Alex said. “ A little compassion helps a lot because by giving Plop a chance, I have had one of the greatest blessings of my life today.”


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