Cops Honor Loyal K-9 Officer With The Most Touching Goodbye

Before being diagnosed with cancer, Officer K-9 Hunter served 10 years with his partner Michael D’Aresta and their colleagues for Connecticut’s Middletown Police Department.

And on his last day on Earth, they want him to know how much they love him.

K-9 Before being diagnosed with cancer, Officer Hunter, along with his partner Michael D’Aresta and their colleagues, worked for ten years for the Middletown Police Department in Connecticut. Also, they wanted him to know how much they admired him on his last day on Earth.

Hunter risked his life every day for the safety of the community while he served in the force. After his health declined unexpectedly, his loyal service to the police recently came to an end, which was devastating:

“K-9 Hunter experienced symptoms for several days and tests showed the dog had a very serious form of liver cancer. They regretted recommending its execution,” said Sgt, K-supervisor. 9 of Middletown. Doug Clark said online.

D’Aresta isn’t the only one feeling depressed by the prognosis and having to make the difficult decision to put her friend to sleep. When that sad day came, they were escorted by police colleagues outside the veterinary clinic, and D’Aresta was holding Hunter in his arms as they greeted each other one last time. According to Clark, since 2007, D’Aresta Police and Hunter have worked as an outstanding team to provide the City of Middletown with outstanding service. As you can imagine, the situation is quite difficult for Mike and his family.

K-9 Hunter’s legacy is now known across the country and the world, and it’s a legacy that will never be forgotten. Middletown has a population of just under 50,000, but thanks to the police department’s heartfelt parting with him, his legacy is now known to more people there and around the world.

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