Cop Saves Kitten From Being ‘Bᴀɪᴛ’ And Makes Her His Partner

When a woman had three kittens she couldn’t take care of, she wanted to make sure they found loving homes, so she posted a social media ad to see if anyone had Do you want to adopt them?

The first response she received was from a man who wanted to use the kittens as bait for air battles. The woman immediately took down the post but it wasn’t long before the right people found out about the incident and stepped forward to help.

Officer Andy Simmons of the Hillsborough Police Department in North Carolina was involved in rescuing a kitten from the wheel of a car a few months ago and immediately decided to adopt the kitten. He named him Officer Monty Sprinkles, but unfortunately, Monty’s health was poor from the start and he eventually lost his uphill battle.

Simmons places Monty’s ashes in his office and tries to move on, but then always feels like a part of him is missing. Officer Simmons discovered three kittens in a Facebook post from his wife’s colleague, he and his officers took over the situation and helped find two of the forever loving kittens forever home.

After all he’d been through with Monty, Simmons decided this was a sign and took it upon himself to adopt a third kitten, naming it Mercy. Mercy helped Officer Simmons heal after losing Monty, and the pair enjoyed being together every chance they could from the very beginning. Mercy bonded with her new father almost immediately and began following him everywhere he went throughout the house.

Officer Simmons said: “She had the personality of a dog and was very curious. “She followed me like a herding dog and wanted to investigate every noise she heard.”

Since Mercy had been so attached to Officer Simmons from the start, he decided to try and get her to work with him and just like that, little Mercy became the newest officer of the Hillsborough Police Department.

At first, some other officers in the department were a bit skeptical about having a police cat around

Before long, Mercy won them all, and now no one can imagine life at the police station without her. Officer Simmons said: “As the days and weeks went by, she started to bond with them, often climbing on their shoulders as they sat, and that has become the new norm. “The police always ask her where she is if she takes a day off or isn’t at my office.”

When working with her dad, Mercy enjoys hanging out in the office with him and playing in the jungle gym he has set up there for her. Once she gets bored with that, she has complete control over the entire station, and she wanders the corridors looking for people to greet and officers to hang out with.

Mercy’s life almost took a very different path, but thanks to Officer Simmons, she’s now completely thriving as a police cat. In a way, the pair saved each other, and Mercy seemed content to be with her new father for the rest of her life.

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