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There’s no question that puppies pull at your heartstring, especially when they appear to be lost or abanded. That’s what happened when these two employees of Humane Society in Florida, saw a tiny puppy roaming alone near a busy street. They didn’t think twice about it, grabbing the puppy and making him one of their own.

Employees of the Humane Society in Florida were heartbroken when they saw a tiny pit bull on their back porch.

The poor pup was weak and somehow survived a very cold night outside, his future looked rather bleak before his eyes. But his luck smiled the moment Officer Marcus Montgomery entered the safehouse!

Marcus visited the shelter on routine police business. He was about to leave when the caretaker told him about the new abandoned puppy. When he walked in to see the pup, he felt an instant connection to the little one!

The weak pup yawned as Marcus held him close. But it only took a few seconds for the pup to fall in love with the officer. The staff photographed the touching moment, which was a great start for the pup!

Marcus clearly agreed! He was so charmed by the dog that he decided to adopt him! In a post the station shared on Facebook a few weeks later, they said dog is now “living the good life with Marcus and his family!”
Marcus is happy to have Kylo and another Vader dog in his life, especially when people still don’t really like pit bulls. Kylo is growing incredibly with his beloved family and he knows he will always be happy with his new family!
People instantly fell for the small puppy, with thousands of users liking the post. The dog wasn’t the only one pulling heartstrings on the social media site, many fans of the hunky cop came out of the woodworks to offer their kind words.

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