Cat Wanders into the Backyard of a Shelter Crying for Attention Until Someone Lets Him in

Detroit Community Cat Rescue (DCCR) has helped countless cats and kittens over the years. An outdoor male cat somehow found his way to a shelter a few months ago, alone.

One morning, the DCCR Shelter Manager was in one of the shelter’s community rooms when she heard a loud cat meowing in the backyard. She looked out the window and saw an orange and white cat walking through the area and onto the house.

“Obviously, he knew right away where to go,” Liz said. “I ran out into the driveway with a box of food.” As soon as the cat heard the opening of the tin, it rushed under the wooden gate and headed straight for Liz. He was very hungry, very friendly and couldn’t have enough pets.

“I was quickly given permission by the director to try and bring him in. He let me pick him up with no problem and seemed happy to be brought in.” The orange-white cat is cutely named Sigmund (aka Siggy) and is about 3-5 years old. He was a bit rough when he first arrived and has likely “lived out all his life”. Sigmund had a lot to say from the start and never tired of attracting attention. He was eager to be loved knowing he was in a safe place and would never have to fend for himself again.

He’s very open. Even when I took him inside, he was never shy or nervous. He is very loud and asks for a pet whenever someone is around the shelter. He’s one of the sweetest cats ever. He looks rough and tough but he’s a big lover. Siggy quickly evolved into a cuddly bug with a constant purring motor.

After wandering the outdoors for most of his life, Sigmund was ready to settle into a place of his own. He is patiently waiting for someone special to open up to a cat like him. Siggy spent months at the shelter until a young man came across his story and fell in love with the sweet cat. The young man submitted the application because he pledged to give Sigmund happiness forever after.

Now, Siggy has a warm hoop to sit on on request and he couldn’t be happier.


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