Cat Has Never Lost Focus on Caring for Her Kitten After They Were Found Together Outside

A cat has never lost focus on taking care of her kittens after they are found together outside. Maple the cat found herself in a shelter with her kitten Cider after they were picked up from outside. Cider is only about a day old and is the only survivor of his litter.

Maple was scared and confused at first, but never took her eyes off him. The mother and daughter needed a foster home, and Jenn, a volunteer with Metro Animal Care and Control, stepped in to help. After Maple settles into a quiet, comfortable space, she comes out of her shell and transforms into a sweet insect.

She is grateful to have a safe place to raise her only furry child. Over the next two weeks, Cider increased in size, strength, and had a lovely, round belly. Maple will hover around him everywhere when he finds a way to waddle around. Around that time, an orphaned tabby cat named Clove was cared for by Jenn. She’s the same age as Cider and desperately needs a mother.

Cider immediately begins to fall in love with his new sister and hugs her a lot. After a few days of getting to know each other, Maple also came and accepted the new born baby as her own. Jenn worked alongside Maple as they took turns taking care of Clove for her mother. The tabby girl started thriving with round-the-clock feedings from Jenn and lots of TLC from Maple.

It was clear from the very beginning that Maple and Cider had a very special relationship. She will react immediately and run to him when he cries, and follow him around the room as he explores. Cider became the fattest and happiest cat Jenn ever raised.

He spent the day rolling around on his back, trying to clean toe beans and sneaking snacks from his mom.

Once he’s stood firm and honed his gait, he’ll step up to greet his adoptive mother with the most shrill meow. Maple is always beside her precious kitten every step of the way.

“I love the sweet relationship between Maple and Cider. They’ve been through so much together and deserve the best happiness ever after.”

After Cider was weaned, Maple became less dependent on her baby and started playing like a kitten again.

“She loves watching birds, playing with spring toys and feather balls, being held like a baby, purring and lounging on your lap for the pet in her belly.” When it comes time to find them a home, Jenn hopes that someone special will come pick them up and love them both forever.

Tobey was looking to adopt a pet when she saw an article about Cider. She was immediately mesmerized. As she learns more about the kitten and its mother, she learns that she cannot separate them. She asked about the couple and asked about adopting them together. Maple’s adopted son, Clove, became best friends with another single tabby cat, Cosmo. Two kittens are also being adopted together.

After a long journey, Maple and her beloved son Cider (now renamed Waffles) have found their dream home, and will never be apart.


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