Cat Carrying Five Pounds of Matted Fur Goes Through Incredible Transformation

Last month, a 9-year-old Persian boy was rescued from the basement of an Illinois home, where he was discovered in a state of extreme abandonment.

Sinbad’s owner, an elderly man, was unable to properly care for him for a long time as evidenced by Sinbad’s shockingly shaggy coat.

Fortunately, help is on its way. Sinbad’s owner agreed to hand him over to the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Association, where, with clippers in hand, staff carefully set out to free the cat from the thick, dirty carpet that surrounded it. 

Apparently, they’ve cut jobs for them. Slowly but surely, Sinbad’s true self began to reappear. “It took two sittings. The first time took a few hours and the second took about two hours,” said Colette Bradley, public relations director of the Anti-Crime Society.

For the first time in a long time, Sinbad felt the warmth of humanity. After a while, he got tired, but during the process, the people in the room looking for pets approached. When all was said and done, Sinbad was unrecognizable as the same cat. All told, he’s lost a massive 5 pounds of fur which takes him a bit of getting used to.

His movements were a little wobbly at first, as he had very limited mobility before the hair removal, so he had to relearn how to walk on his hind legs. He is very sensitive to the touch but still attracts everyone’s attention. Sinbad’s story doesn’t end there in fact, it just gets better.

After an epic haircut, he was assigned to Elliott Serrano, who planned to foster the cat until he found a permanent home. But then Serrano also fell in love, and decided to adopt Sinbad himself.

It’s only been a few weeks since Sinbad’s long and heavy ordeal ended. But to see him now, you’d never guess he’s been through so much.

“He’s doing great!” Serrano said. “My personality has really developed! At first I was very quiet and reserved. Now I run around the house, chasing toys and more easily demanding affection.”

Although Sinbad’s naturally scowling face may not show it, those who have helped him along the way can easily see how happy he is now to be loved as he should be. so he must be.

“He loves his new home!” .

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