Carrot The Fridge Cat: Handsome, Funny, and Now Famous

Every cat has some weird thing that drives their humans ᴄʀᴀᴢʏ. Some of their habits cannot be broken no matter what, so the mother cat must adjust to overcome her stubborn cat.

Carrot’s obsession with games and food combine to form his mischief. And chances are, you already know what Carrot’s parents must do to prevent harm from happening to the mischievous ginger melon.

When the refrigerator door opened, Carrot couldn’t help but reach into the gap between the door and the refrigerator. Knowing Carrot’s trick of catching you from the fridge, his parents hung a sign on the shelf inside the door to remind themselves to “check if the door is closed cat arm b4”, a picture taken at the right time, illustrating why the sign is needed. Carrot thinks it’s a game to stick his hand through the fridge slot and grab us while we’re in it. Super carrot

Because cat parents know the woes of living with do-it-yourself cats, a photo of Carrot’s arm in the fridge went viral. And a lot of concern also comes with attention. But his parents reassured him: “No, he has never been hurt by this and luckily we are only two in the house, very careful and we know when he does it. The sign was put up as a reminder.”

And as it turns out, Carrot is a cat who always keeps his parents on the road. The way to his heart is to play for sure. Whenever you entice him to play, he reciprocates. He loves to chase, bite into your hand, be chased and play catch with his tiger, his favorite stuffed animal since he was a kitten.

Cute Carrot knows he’s also good looking, and admits, “Dang I’m handsome.” A sticky carrot, Carrot loves to play and snack, but he also loves his parents. They say: “ He’s also very clingy. If he doesn’t take a nap in his closet, he’ll never go further than a foot or two.”

He is a good boy and loves his parents, even if his antics can sometimes stress them out!

And to all her fans, Carrot said: “Thank you to everyone who laughed at my fridge photo and shared it with their friends. Never thought it would explode like this, but I’m excited that it’s out so widely.”

He’s quite happy to have an audience who “appreciates my handsomeness and humor”. Carrot, you sure are handsome and funny!

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