Broken-Hearted Mama Dog Waited On Roadside For Her Owners To Come Back For Her ❤ Rescue Dog

There are no language barriers when it comes to loving and caring for animals in need. Dog Rescue Shelter, a dog rescue organization, set out shortly after receiving a call about abandoned dogs by the roadside.

An older gentleman saw a mama dog and two puppies who had been abandoned outside and were lying there on the side of the road for a few days, and he was kind enough to call the local Dog Rescue Shelter to come to the scene and help.
When rescuers arrived, she was hiding in the grass beside the road with her babies, trying to protect them while she waited for her owners to come back for her. Surprise, they found puppies were only a few days old and hadn’t even opened their eyes yet in the grass a few feet from where the mama.

The dog had made an aggressive growl when someone tried to offer her water and food — she was protective of her puppies. The dog momma is alone nursing her tiny puppies, and it looks more or less like she’s waiting for the return of her owner.

Luckily, the rescuers took the dog and the two puppies and loaded them into their van. To be sure they were not leaving any puppy behind, they looked around in the bushes, and as luck would have it, they discovered the third pup that had wiggled away into the bush and picked it. Thankfully they were rescued just in time, and the four of them were brought back to their rescue.

The little puppies were brought safely to Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac’s facility, where they can now live peacefully, and be loved.

The mama, now named Moli, has been such a great mother to her puppies. She is relieved and grateful to finally be in good hands and have a warm bed to sleep in, and not stuck outside on the side of the road.

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