They found the loyal dog completely surrounded by its owner

Because Its Owner Is The Only Thing In Life And The Loyal Dog Will Not Leave.

They found the loyal dog completely surrounded by its owner. The family of Victor Reyna Vásquez was unaware of the terrible fate that would await her; a 57-year-old man is an alcoholic and resides in Montemorelos, Mexico.

He had just left the house normally when he was involved in a terrible collision while wandering along the train tracks in Va. Tampico and Calle. Escobedo, Barrio La Estación.

They found the loyal dog completely surrounded by its owner

He was drunk, it was late at night and the train driver could not see him. However, Victor Reyna Vásquez is not alone; he is accompanied by his loyal dog, who has been with him for many years. The dog was originally the ᴅᴇᴀᴅ man’s uncle, but he eventually decided to adopt it as his friend. Although Victor’s life was often troubled and disjointed, the dog never abandoned him even when he ᴅᴇᴀᴅ beside him.

With this selfless defender, it’s hard to get close to the body of Victor Reyna Vásquez. Mexican authorities were shocked to find Victor’s body guarded by the wonderfully loyal dog when they arrived at the scene to identify it and get it off the tracks. The dog, who is determined to protect his owner’s integrity at all costs, actually made the job of the authorities a little more difficult by warning everyone who tried to reach Victor.

Governor of Montemorelos recognized the dog’s loyalty after the image of the dog obediently following his owner went viral on social media. He was so touched by his act of loyalty that he offered to adopt him. Relatives of Victor Reyna Vásquez meet with authorities. Victor’s family is quite humble, so they understand that the puppy will have a better life under the governor’s care.

He is virtually homeless due to his owner’s constant travel and lack of care that a pet needs. The dog will receive all the care it needs and lead a more peaceful life, it will be sent to a veterinary care facility for a comprehensive medical evaluation after being delivered to the Civil Protection Agency. the. From there, he was supposed to start a new life in the governor’s mansion in Montemorelos.

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