B.ʟ.ɪ.ɴ.ᴅ Dog Melts 8 Million People’s Hearts When They Meet Her Sister For The First Time

Many couples treat their pets as first children. As the couple prepares to have a baby, this new situation changes the entire dynamics of the family. From being the only object of parental love and care, pets must share these with their human siblings. This is why couples need to plan before getting ready to bring their new baby to a house full of their furry babies. Families must also take it slow when introducing a new baby to a pet.

Dog rescue campaigner Rocky Kanaka faced this situation when he and his wife Kelly brought home their first baby girl, Capri. They had three rescue dogs named Flip, Zoe and Kobe. Kobe is a blind puppy and the newest member of their family.

When they brought Capri home, Kobe was still recovering from recent heart sᴜʀɢᴇʀʏ. Rocky introduces Capri’s baby blanket to Flip, who goes to the couch and starts smelling the blanket right away. After a few sniffs, he started walking around the room and it looked like he was looking for the baby.

Kelly took Capri outside and sat on the couch with her. They told Flip to sit first while Kelly sat down on the couch. They then called Flip over and allowed him to sniff Capri’s legs and face. After a few minutes, he sat in front of Capri and went into guard mode.

Next, it’s Zoe’s turn to be the smallest dog, but they call her the boss of the family. When Rocky brought the baby blanket toward her, Zoe turned her head and avoided smelling the blanket. They put Zoe on the couch next to the baby, and Kelly called out to her. You can tell that Zoe is hesitant and doesn’t want to see the baby. When Kelly approached her, she immediately backed away.

Rocky held the baby, and after a moment of hesitation, Zoe finally approached Capri and gave her a few tentative sniffs. The difference between her and Flip’s reactions is obvious, but she also remains calm and collected during their first meeting.

The last dog to meet Capri was Kobe, their puppy and the newest member of the family. Kobe is blind and recently underwent heart sᴜʀɢᴇʀʏ, he is still recovering. Rocky says that Kobe is an adorable puppy but also has “high puppy energy”.

They also started the introduction by letting Kobe smell Capri’s baby blanket. Kobe immediately lay down when he smelled the scent of the new born baby.

Then they called Kobe to come near Capri and smell her scent. At first, he didn’t know what to do and walked away from her. However, when they called him closer, he began to smell her and even gently rested his head on her body.

He also listened and sat down in front of Kelly and the baby when Rocky offered him a seat.

All three dogs did a great job meeting their little sister for the first time!

However, Rocky reminds viewers that the dogs will still have to maintain a distance from Capri and can’t get close to her anytime they want. Older canine siblings must wait for permission before they can approach their new sister. This is to keep everyone safe and calm, especially during the acclimatization phase of having a new baby in the house.


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