As she got closer, kittens changed markedly to kitten screams begging for help.

One day last year while cleaning her stables, a woman in rural California – Cassie, heard a strange noise coming from some bushes nearby!

At first, Cassie ignored the noise wondering if it was most likely some kind of bird but she became confused while one of her horses looked with great interest in where the strange noises were coming from. “When I got closer, I saw they were less nyah. It became a kitten screaming and begging for help,” Cassie said.

Hearing the desperation in the little kitten’s voice, Cassie decided to call her name and to her surprise, the kitten ran straight out of the woods towards her.

When Cassie picked her up, the kitten immediately nestled into her arms, finally feeling safe.

It immediately became clear that the kitten had been away for a long time. Very thirsty and she drank water and drank after cassie filled a nearby bowl, only to then gobble up some food that cassie had in a nearby car. “She started drinking a small amount of water dripping onto the floor from the faucet at the same time as I was filling it up in a bowl in the room where I had taken her,” Cassie said. She became thin and covered with lesions on her skin. I finished my work and went home with her.

After being fed and watered, Cassie took the little refugee home and removed her flea infestation through a tub, then dried and dried her. Without a doubt, the exhausted kitten went to sleep right on the comfy bed. “I accepted it as right when she realized that she was finally protected and would relax,” Cassie said.

When she woke up the next morning, Cassie found herself with a converted kitten in the palm of her hand as the kitten rebelled throughout the house.

Fortunately, when the little cat met Cassie, he now has a home with his loving owner and he will no longer have to be scared or hungry.


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