An Injured Mama Dog Wаs Rescued After A Motorcycle Accident – Rescues Dog

This is the story of a dog that, although it may seem a bit strong, we assure you that it has a happy ending thanks to the work of a group of people who see little animals as our fellow men.

Animal Aid Unlimited recently received a call indicating that a stray dog ​​needed help, the caller did not give many details about the dog’s health status.

The defenseless dog had one of its eyes completely detached, the impact was so strong that it caused it to come out.

She was not only very badly injured, she was also scared, lying on the pavement hidden between some motorcycles, but she could also only hope that someone would help her. Luckily, the rescue team did not take long to arrive and she gave her all the attention she needed.


After giving her many antibiotics, they had to wait for her to stabilize before they could intervene.

One of the rescuers took her in her arms and took her to the car where she was transferred to the rescue center.

A neighbor witnessed the painful scene and commented that the dog was not alone, she had recently given birth, and she kindly offered to take care of the pups while the painful mother was cared for.

When they arrived at the rescue center, the dog’s state of health worsened, unfortunately, she had gone into shock.

Her priority at that time was to save her life and stabilize her vital signs, the vet gave her an intravenous line loaded with antibiotics.

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