Aggressive 10ft alligator captured after being spotted creeping up on playing children

An aggressive 10ft alligator has been captured while creeping up on children in a local park.

With the assistance of police officers, a local trapper was called in to capture the large reptile, which weighed around 400 lbs, in a city pond in St. Petersburg, Florida, US.

A St Petersburg Police Department spokesperson said: “Neighbours tell us it was getting too close to kids playing in the area and weren’t afraid of people.

“As we understand, it tended to approach the shoreline when it heard the sound of neighborhood children and pets. Residents were concerned about its aggressiʋe nature toward 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren and pets. “

“Officers assisted the trapper through the process of hooking, dragging it to shore, and capturing it.”

According to experts, any alligator over 4ft in length can pose a threat to humans and their pets.

One of the men then got onto the crocodile’s back, stabilizing him so he couldn’t move around anymore.

They both agreed the animal was bigger than they had anticipated.

The crocodile, once taken to a safe place with help from a Monroe County officer, was seen shuffling into the water and going on its way.

Posting on Instagram, Pesky Critters wrote: ‘CRIKEY! That’s a CROCODILE!

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