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For stray dogs living on the streets, life is never easy because they struggle in finding food and a safe place to sleep every single day.

Solo has lived a life that no dog deserves to live. He spent nearly a decade alone on the streets of Los Angeles, fending for himself. As the years went on, Solo grew sick and was too old to keep up with other dogs.

When he wandered onto a random porch, he curled up and took a nap. The woman who lived in the house walked outside and saw him sleeping on her porch. Thankfully, instead of kicking him off her porch, she took him home and named him Solovino, which is Spanish for “he came alone” and called up Rocket Dog Rescue for help.
The rescue flew him out to San Francisco where he went to live with a foster. Sadly, Solo was adopted out multiple times but returned time and time again through no fault of his own.

Until one day, Carol Messina saw a picture of Solo online and knew right away that she had to save him.
“When I met him and saw how sad he was, I knew he was going to stay with me forever no matter what,” Messina
After a few days, she contacted an organization called Rocket Dog Rescue to help him find a forever home. A few members of the rescue organization picked him up and flew him out to San Francisco for a better life.
At first, the organization had trouble finding the perfect home for Solovino, and they had to move him into a foster home. But thankfully, a woman named Carol Messina fell in love with the dog after she saw a picture of him online. So, Messina adopted him and shortened his name to Solo.

Because of Solo’s past, he was very timid and still didn’t fully trust people. He scared everything. But Messina soon learned that this was less of a trust issue and more of a hearing problem. It turns out that Solo’s hearing was way worse than anyone thought – he was practically deaf. This explains why he would flinch when anyone would touch him; he didn’t feel comfortable with people sneaking up on him when he couldn’t hear them coming. She took him to the doctor to check and take care of him more.

Today, Solo is a very happy dog and enjoys running around outside and even meeting new dogs to play with. Messina has also learned new ways to help his anxieties caused by his deafness.

Whenever they go for a walk, he wears a harness that reads “deaf dog” so that people won’t pet him without asking. Messina also flickers lights on and off when she goes into a room so he knows that she is coming and doesn’t startle him.

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