Adorable shop cat decides the woman hasn’t finished shopping yet

Christine Gray was shopping at a gardening store, about to go home, when she suddenly noticed a cat. Even though she finished shopping, as soon as she saw him, she knew she wouldn’t be able to leave.

“He was just sitting there,” Gray said. “The owner came and said, ‘It’s Boots, he’s very friendly and will probably jump in your cart.’ As soon as the owner said that, he jumped right in and grabbed my wallet.”

Gray is absolutely delighted that Boots has chosen her and immediately knows that she won’t leave until Boots jumps out of her car again. Basically, Boots asked her to stay and she was willing to honor that to it.

Instead, Gray happily pushed Boots around the store, and the sweet cat seemed to enjoy the ride. She didn’t know how long he wanted to stay in the trailer, and even though she had decided to leave, she still hoped he would stay for a while with her.

Gray said: “He was so happy to be in my stroller for me to pet him. “I also try not to pet him too much to upset him, because I don’t want him to jump out.”

The boots hung in Gray’s stroller for about 15 minutes, then decided he was ready to go. After observing him, it became clear that Boots was a typical shop cat and liked to be noticed by everyone who came to shop.

“He’s pretty comfortable there – he obviously does it a lot,” Gray said.

When Gray went out shopping that day, she didn’t expect to meet a new friend – especially one who convinced her to shop longer (and even buy more) than she intended to. so they can continue to hang out more together.


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