Abandoned Pup Immediately Rolls Over For Pets When He Sees His Rescuer

Donna Lochmann didn’t know how the young pit bull she was called to rescue would react to her presence. She knew the dog was in danger because it was wandering so close to a major highway, but she didn’t want to make it worse by startling it and running away.

If he panics and runs away, he will end up right on the highway.

Lochmann answered a call about a black-and-white dog walking near the highway entrance as soon as it entered. Not only is the dog in danger because of its location, but it’s too cold outside for a dog to stay outside for a long time. When Lochmann got there, she found the puppy cold and scared, leaning against the chain link fence with speeding cars.

Rescuers had to work quickly. She carefully walked over to the dog, assessing his reaction at each step, and was surprised to find that he was just as excited to see her as she was to see him. As I got closer to him, I knelt down a bit so he wouldn’t get scared,  But he was really friendly.

Instead of running away, the dog inched its head forward and began sniffing Lochmann. As soon as he knew he was safe, he rolled over and rubbed his stomach immediately. The puppy was shivering, but for the first time since Lochmann spotted it, its tail wagged with delight. Lochmann put his arm around the puppy and cuddled it before they headed back to the Jeep. “He let me pet him right away,” says Lochmann. “He is very sweet.”

Inspired by the semi-trailers that passed by them, Lochmann decided to name the adorable dog Peterbilt. Once they were in the car, Lochmann talked to Peterbilt to calm his nerves and patted him on the head for extra reassurance. Lifeguards aren’t sure how Peterbilt got to the highway access ramp, but by his reaction, she could tell that he was used to interacting with humans.

Fortunately, Peterbilt’s days of searching for the right love are officially over. As soon as they arrived at the veterinary clinic, Peterbilt’s new friends examined him and gave him a clean medical bill. He is officially ready for foster care. Before long, Peterbilt found the loving foster home he had always needed. Before leaving Stray Rescue of St. Louis, he kissed each employee goodbye one last time. Then he went out to start a new life.

Peterbilt is now loving life in his new foster home, but the adorable pup is still searching for the perfect permanent home. He likes to curl up in bed for a warm nap and go for walks with his people while he waits. Because Peterbilt has such a special personality, Lochmann knows that someone will soon fall in love with him and that he will love them back in no time.


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