Abandoned Dog Outside Shelter In Trash Bag Waited All Night For Someone To Find Him

Outside the shelter people suddenly discovered a black trash bag and panicked when they checked inside an abandoned dog. It was the start of an already busy day for the staff at the Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption Facility in Mission, Kansas, last Thursday morning and then they saw her.

A battered boxer, abandoned dog lying motionless inside a trash bag full of trash is almost no longer alive Rebecca Taylor, PR director for the rescue, said: “Tears fell instantly. “We are not sure if she is still alive. She couldn’t raise her head.” Then they found another boxer nearby, who was tied to a pole and was also very weak. He could barely move on his hind legs.

The staff quickly took both dogs to the veterinary hospital for examination. They named the female “Hope” and the male “Triumph”. “We had to act pretty quickly, considering the condition of both animals and it’s heartbreaking,” Taylor said. In addition to being very thin, Hope also had an infection in her elbow and tumors were discovered on her brain and adrenal glands. Triumph was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in his hind legs, presumably because he was confined in a cage so small he couldn’t move in it.

Rescuers don’t know where the two dogs come from but they are focusing their best on taking care of their health and showing them that they are loved.

“Some things can’t be explained,” Taylor said. “So we have to focus on their healing and recovery.” So far, Hope has undergone successful sᴜʀɢᴇʀʏ to cure a painful infection in her elbow. Triumph is currently in foster care and will soon begin physical therapy to regain strength in her hind legs.

They’ve been through a lot – but it’s clear they’re ready to fight. “Triumph is going to need a lot of TLC,” Taylor said. “It looks like our sweet Hope will have a longer recovery and we are listening to the vets as they plan her next steps. She is eating alone; Now we need to get her moving.



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