Abandoned dog ᴛɪᴇᴅ with a bungee cord is rescued by 4 boys

Detroit, Michigan is known for its arts and culture, and the city is also known for its inner-city teen programs that try to stop young children going the wrong way. Four boys from Detroit are being hailed as heroes after saving a dog they found ᴛɪᴇᴅ up with a bungee cord behind a house.

Four boys, Kenny, Kenneth, Kevin and Andrew, all from Detroit, were helping a woman in their neighborhood move to a different area when they came across a dog ᴛɪᴇᴅ up outside a house uninhibited. As the boys got closer it became clear that the dog had not been fed for a long time and that it had been ᴛɪᴇᴅ with a bungee cord.


The poor dog was abandoned so the boys untied the bungee cord and freed it.

They named her Sparkles before taking it back to one of their houses to get her something to eat. They bought her some bologna, then called the Detroit Pit Rescue Team, the local shelter in their area, to tell them about Sparkles.


While waiting for someone to come to them, the boys played with Sparkles. The little dog started to come out of its shell after being freed.

When the rescue team arrived, the boys were still not ready to deliver Sparkles and forget about Sparkles. Since they are attached to Sparkles, they are reluctant to let her go without any assurance that she will be fine.

They asked Detroit Pit Crew Rescue exactly what would happen to Sparkles. When they believed Sparkles would be okay, they let the rescue team take her away.

The rescue team from Detroit Pit Crew Rescue were worried that the dog might have some skin disease, but after they did some tests at the veterinary hospital they were relieved to learn that she was negative. So they started cleaning up Sparkles and helping her gain weight.

It wasn’t long before Sparkles was able to find a new home. Thanks to the Detroit Pit Crew Rescue Team and the four boys who originally saved her.

Sparkles was given the chance to become an adorable and mischievous dog in her permanent home where she is having a great time and integrating well. Hopefully in the future these boys will consider volunteering with animals. I’m sure they’ll do a great job

Glad Sparkles is doing well and happy because she deserves it.


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