Abandoned Cat Frozen To The Ground Wants To Be Cuddled When Found, Chirping Incessantly In The Warmth.

During the extreme cold in WI a few weeks ago, the abandoned Cat froze on the ground, desperately in need of help. A good Samaritan found him in time and brought him inside.

Emilie, a local animal rescuer, saw the call for help for abandoned cats and took action. “He had severe frostbite in his feet and hind toes as well as some sort of trauma that left his tail irreparably damaged,” Emilie said. “We were able to get him into the vet right away.”

Despite everything, a kitten named Chance just wants to be hugged. He is happy to be in the warm home and is grateful to the veterinary team as they take care of him. He rubbed his face against everyone and reached for all the heads he could get his hands on. The vet confirmed injuries to its tail and paws, and Chance required surgery. He’s a few toes shorter, with a small tail, but he’s earned a new lease for life.

Chance had regained his appetite from surgery and devoured a full bowl of food. At just six months old, Chance has had to battle the harshest elements, in sub-zero temperatures, but he continues to love life and longs to be loved. He’s just the sweetest boy ever. Now he is safe and will never face another harsh winter again.

Emilie fell in love with Chance’s lovely meow. The kitten turned out to be talkative. He trills and gurgles his way to get whatever he wants. He happily greets his adoptive mother every morning when he sees her and is always ready for a few head rubs. He chirps like a bird when petted, and he squeals with delight as he clears a full plate of food.

Chance has befriended the resident cat Lua, and is happy to have a friend to keep him company. Although initially greeted with a few hits, Chance was unfazed and continued to play and enjoy her presence, being the great kitty. To ensure Chance’s full recovery, Emilie is consulting with an orthopedic specialist to find the best treatment the boy deserves.

Chance enjoys sunbathing while being pampered by his adoptive mother. He filled the room with his sweet chirping and rolled on the floor in pure bliss.


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