Abandoned Cat Finds A Forever Home And Becomes An Instagram Model With Its Cute Outfits

Some say, “life’s a catwalk,” and Benson the cat couldn’t agree more. This stylish gentleman has an outfit for every occasion. From posing in party wear to modeling Halloween costumes, the Insta-famous kitty is known for his incredibly cute looks.

Benson is a cat that was rescued and adopted directly from the streets and his quirky personality and cute outfits have made him a true internet celebrity. This lucky cat has an entire wardrobe filled with seasonal and exclusive clothes that match every background he’s placed in. His pictures are sure to keep you entertained.


“We found Benson 5 years ago, he was roaming the streets of Dubai. His old family moved away and left him behind, so we adopted him and brought him to the USA.”


“Soon I found out that his previous family moved away and left him behind,” says his owner. “That day I promised him that he will never be abandoned. And I have kept my promise so far. For the past five years, he has traveled with me everywhere.” They add, “But his true home is his dad. The day Benson met his dad, I saw a spark in his eyes. And I knew, he found his human. It’s true what they say, cats pick their human, and Benson’s is his dad.”


After adopting Benson, we soon came to notice that every time a camera was pointed at him, he would stop moving and sit very still! Some cats talk the talk (when it comes to mealtimes, that is), but Benson knows how to walk the walk, and to be honest, he might just be our new favorite runway model. Benson is a rescue that came all the way from Dubai and embarked upon his journey into fashion after his owners noticed that he seemed to like wearing glasses. The cat would stay still for the owners to take the pictures, and after that, they just decided to take it one step at a time and see how it goes.

However, taking videos of him got difficult and we tried our luck with some glasses. Benson took to them absolutely immediately.

He loves his dad and his tuna, he is quite a calm and patient kitten.

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