A woman and her husband were woken up overnight by a meow, but they don’t own a cat!

Recently a couple lost sleep when they heard a cat meowing from outside the door. They don’t own a cat at all, so the noise coming from the basement is rather strange. They immediately descended and were confused by the scene before them.

There’s a bunch of little kittens in the basement they’re only 2-3 days old and their mother is nowhere to be seen. “Last month, my daughter woke me up after midnight and said there was a cat inside”.  We didn’t believe it, but then we heard that sound too. 

“ We went down to the basement and to our surprise, there were seven kittens in there!”, said Janette Miller from Indiana. They had never owned a cat and had never seen one in the neighborhood, except for one not long ago.

Janette and her family live in a rental house, so they are not allowed to have pets. However, one cat clearly chose their basement as her birthplace.

Janette took the kittens to the vet the next morning, who told us they needed round-the-clock medical assistance because their mother was not available. With no time to take care of them, she turns to a shelter in Indiana for help.

The staff took the kittens and took care of them non-stop. After a thorough investigation, Janette and her husband found a small hole in the wall that the cat entered.

Back at the shelter, the kittens are doing well. “They love to cuddle,” said Jennifer Gillispie, founder of Here kitty Kitty Rescue. Orphans are at risk for serious infections because they need breast milk to develop antibodies. Veterinarians and staff thought they would make it through.

This is why neighborhood cats need to be spayed. In that case, they wouldn’t be able to leave the orphans behind. This litter of kittens was lucky to be found by Jannette, but others weren’t so lucky.


The little kittens are getting all the food and care they need and good luck on their side, but if the cats aren’t neutered more often, the other little angels won’t be able to survive.


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