A Tiger Cub Receives Tender Care and Love from an Orangutan, Treating It as Their Child

We all love watching animal videos. Animals are compassionate creatures, known to show kindness and generosity towards each other. Despite the lack of verbal communication, animals somehow understand when another animal is in need. But at a nature preserve in South Carolina, an orangutan and three tigers are now the best of friends.

A male orangutan at the Myrtle Beach Safari has taken a liking to three tiger cubs, after watching his human caretakers nurse the three baby cats.

Now, a beautiful video of a male orangutan lovingly feeding and playing with 3 baby tiger cubs has resurfaced again, making netizens emotional. Notably, the video is old and has resurfaced on the internet again, the video features an orangutan in Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina who adopted three tiger cubs, becoming their “surrogate mother”.

The kind and compassionate gesture of the monkey has won people’s hearts and many commented that animals are much better than humans. One user wrote, ”Love is the force binding, and protecting, every form of life. If we all start caring for, not just humans, but other creations of God, too, we can surely help sustain life.

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