When Yesenia DelaCueva rescued a stray cat, she didn't want to give it a name at first

A Stray Cat Rescued From The Street Meets A Small Dog And Becomes Its Best Friend

When Yesenia DelaCueva rescued a stray cat, she didn’t want to give it a name at first. She thought that if she named the sweet little bastard that was already in her heart, she would never let go.

DelaCueva, from California, one day discovered the stray puppy while she was driving home from work. At first, she thought it was someone and threw an old t-shirt into the street, but something convinced her to stop and take a closer look.

When Yesenia DelaCueva rescued a stray cat, she didn't want to give it a name at first

And by doing so, she certainly saved a life. Because the “t-shirt” turns out to be from a stray cat in desperate need of help. The little cat was covered in fleas and was limping. DelaCueva watched the kitten drag her legs after she walked away and her heart broke for her.

DelaCueva gently picked up the poor cat and wrapped it in a blanket. The little cat did not object; maybe she knew that she was finally safe. DelaCueva then brought the kitten home, where she bathed the girl with fleas before putting her to bed. Now, DelaCueva must figure out what to do next. DelaCueva has never had a cat before and she’s about to move to the east coast, so adopting a kitten is definitely not in her life plans.

So even though the kitten entered her heart, DelaCueva did her best to fight the inevitable. She reached out in hopes of finding a family for the kitten, and she even visited a shelter to see if they could adopt her. But when the shelter told her they didn’t have room for another cat, DelaCueva finally accepted what she already knew; the cat was meant to live with her. DelaCueva named the kitten “Bella” and started preparing everything needed for the big move. She took Bella to the vet and got ready for the upcoming plane ride.

She also introduces sweet Bella to her new brother; a wonderful puppy named Buster. As soon as Bella met Buster, the kitten was enchanted for life. There’s something about the happy dog that makes Bella’s heart race, and she begins to follow him around the house. She decides that she loves him, and is determined to make him love her too. Her new favorite game was trying to catch Buster’s tail, and to this day his rear is never safe from Bella’s antics.

Buster has been a big brother to Bella ever since she became part of the family, and even though she likes to annoy him and play tricks on him, he still loves his sister. and loves cuddling Bella and DelaCueva in the evenings. With the family safely on the east coast and settled down, Bella is happier than ever.

She is very grateful to DelaCueva, who not only saved her life but also gave her a wonderful home, a loving family and a bright future.


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