A Stray Cat Gets A Stylish Pair Of Hooked Ears And A Permanent Home After Losing Her Ear To An Iɴꜰᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ

We don’t always stop for a moment and feel the beauty of the world we live in. We tend to think we already know what our neighborhood, house, dog or cat looks like, so why stop when every second counts.

Perhaps that is why animals with distinct traits (whether genetic or a series of unfortunate events) attract our attention so much. This earless cat is definitely one of those cute cats that attracts attention for this very reason.

This adorable kitty lost her ears for medical reasons but luckily, there were some people who cared enough to replace her with a new set of cat ears. This lovely little girl was named Lady and she had to have her earlobe removed due to a severe chronic infection and Tahoma

Lady in a Fur Coat or Lady for short has undergone a medical journey since coming to Dane County Humane Society. The stray cat had to have its earlobe amputated due to a chronic infection and hematoma. Even so, rescuers said it was likely she could hear even better because a chronic infection had caused the outer ear to block the entrance to her ear canal.

What’s more, she made further progress when Ash Collins of DCHS crocheted a replacement pair for the abandoned animal. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why she was adopted the next day after the cat shelter posted a picture of her on Facebook!

Fortunately, an employee of the Dane County Humane Society where she was cared for made her a pair of hooks. Despite removing her earplugs, Lady is still a very cheerful kitty and never refrains from giving happy head bangs to anyone she meets.

DCHS said they weren’t sure how she was around other animals because she was a stray but that didn’t stop her from finding a happy ending in a flash!

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