A Normal Cat Brings Friendship Goal To The Next Level When He Takes Care And Feeds His Disabled Best Friend

At first glance we will see that Norang looks like any other cat; agile and chubby except that it doesn’t move like other healthy cats.

According to media reports, Norang’s hind legs were badly injured leaving him with only two front legs to walk.

Thankfully, Norang’s best friend Nabi is ready to help and take care of him. He even shares his food with Norang and sleeps with him. Norang and his good friend Nabi at their cardboard ‘house’

On top of that, Nabi also helps protect Norang from any feral cats that want to disturb him by covering him under his body.

Nabi helps to scare away a scary cat from bothering Norang. The Nabi also groomed Norang by licking Norang and letting Norang eat their food for the first time

Fortunately, Nabi and Norang are no longer homeless. They were rescued by an animal shelter and are now settling down in their new home with their new owners.

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