A Man Breaks Down When Strangers Help Rescue His Missing Dog From A Fox Hole.

Every pet owner knows the feeling of panic when it happens that they can’t find their furry best friend. Thankfully, there’s usually nothing to worry about but if it happens often the situation seems to get worse.

This was the case of Alan Whitton in England when his dog Mitzi went missing. After two days of searching, he must have feared the worst for his uncle, but then hope came from an unexpected place!

Alan was taking Mitzi out for a walk one morning when they met a large dog. Mitzi, a 1-year-old Jack Russell terrier, was intimidated by the larger animal and ran away. When she didn’t come back, Alan looked everywhere he could think of, but he had no luck. So he took to social media to spread the word about her disappearance.

Soon he had many people in his community volunteering and was “overwhelmed” by their support. Two days after Mitzi went missing, Alan received a call from a dog walker. Two strangers’ dogs were sniffing around a fox den, making her wonder if Mitzi was hiding inside.

Without wasting time, Alan arrives with Mitzi’s favorite toy and a group of Good Samaritans. When he got there, he squealed and heard her sobs in response. That’s when he got to the ground to get her out!

In a video posted to Facebook, Alan can be seen trying to reach Mitzi before she appears and rushes into his arms. Her dad clearly doesn’t care that both of them are covered in dirt. He just hugged her and cried because he was so happy to see his best friend again.

Aside from being scared and dirty, Mitzi is completely unharmed!

Since being rescued, Alan has repeatedly gone online to thank the community for their kindness and express that he is “overjoyed” that Mitzi is now unharmed.

This heartwarming reunion might not have happened if Alan’s neighbors hadn’t intervened. That’s enough to show how a simple act of kindness can have a big impact on someone in need !

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