A Kitten Wanders Into The Firehouse And Chooses The Crew As His Forever Family

What happens when people get a cat is not a secret. We know very well that cats choose their humans, or humans in this case, and not vice versa. This time, the feline warming story comes from the Belmont Fire Department in Greenville, SC, where a feral cat has chosen its crew as his forever family.

Its crew and chief, Anthony Segars, fascinated by such a wonderful event, decided to name the cat Flame. Since then, they took care of him by feeding him, giving him gifts and just befriending him, who brought so much joy to the fireplace. Scroll down to read the rest of the story. You can follow Flame on Instagram for updates on his daily life at the firehouse.

This is Flame the flaming cat. He was once a feral cat to the Greenville, SC, fire house with an empty stomach. After seducing all the cast members, they fell in love with him and fed him all the fried chicken he could eat. Since then, Flame considers the fireplace his permanent home and the crew forever his family.

This cute kitty brings joy to the firefighter and loves to cuddle with the fire brigade. This lovely cat is always wandering around helping and just cheering people up when working. Flame is used to all the noise and alarms in this place and he loves watching his humans take off to do their thing and save the day.

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