A kitten abandoned on the street has “Unique ur”

Today, we would like to introduce to you a recent internet phenomenon called “Janie”. She is a tiny and super adorable kitten that was rescued a few months ago after being found abandoned on the side of the road in Ontario, Canada. For two weeks, Janie was in an incubator fighting for her life. She was bottle fed and monitored continuously until the vets gave her a green life.

Why people love her so much is because first of all, she is so adorable. And second, she has a unique colored coat that makes her look like a baby panda.

After being found, the kitten was taken to the small but mighty Kitten Rescue Team. According to Melissa, the founder of the rescue, the kitten is quite active and meow even though it weighs only 82 grams. 

Melissa planned to keep Janie in the incubator for 2 weeks, bottle feed her, and when she was proven medically healthy, introduce her to a mother cat named June, who was rescued. rescued as a pregnant cat a few weeks earlier. And that’s exactly how things work out.


Janie is currently a strong and active kitten loved by thousands of people around the world. As it turns out, the silver shirt that has stolen the hearts of many is known as the “fever shirt” and it often happens when the mother is sick during pregnancy. However, there is nothing dangerous for the kittens! However, cats will likely lose their color as they grow older.


Now a strong and active kitten, Janie has become a real Internet celebrity. That unique silver jacket found thousands of fans and stole people’s hearts online. It is a very rare coating that is said to occur when the mother is pregnant. Unfortunately, it disappears as the kittens get older, so keep an eye out for Janie’s fur while you can.

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