A kind bus driver lets shivering dogs in his bus during heavy thunderstorm

This is a story that gives us hope that humanity still exists in people. This is the story of a bus driver who acted very kindly when he saw his dogs suffering from a severe thunderstorm.

Last Tuesday, the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, was hit by a severe thunderstorm that left the city reeling and wet. However, in the midst of a downpour, a local bus driver saw fit to offer a free ride to at least two unlucky passengers, two dogs getting scared in the rain outside and stopping to help.

After spotting a frightened pair of dogs shivering outside in the rain unprotected, he stopped the bus and picked them up.

Proof of the driver’s compassion is not lost to his human passengers.

“They were two very scared little dogs,” witness Stella Maris San Martín said, quoted by Minuto Uno. “He never tried to get rid of them. He talked to them as if they were his own.”

There are dogs that live in warm houses and do not face any difficulties in life. But unfortunately, there are many stray and abandoned dogs that are in danger and have to overcome many difficulties to survive.

Wild dogs wandering the streets always need help. During a heavy thunderstorm, all those who are outdoors can hide in a cafe or in a restaurant. But poor dogs are not allowed anywhere.


The bus driver saw the stray dogs frightened by the heavy thunderstorm and allowed all the dogs to board the bus. He found these dogs in such ᴛᴇʀʀɪʙʟᴇ condition and couldn’t be ignored.

It’s not clear if the driver picked up more stray dogs as he continued on his route or what happened after the last ride ended – but because of his loving gesture to the pups wretchedly, the unnamed bus driver is being called a hero.


Fortunately, the dogs felt the warmth in the bus. Passengers took pictures of the dogs and the information went viral on social media. This bus driver is a true hero and he deserves praise every day.

Thanks to him, some stray dogs feel their importance because all feral dogs need care and attention. He can’t just get over it and not act. The man didn’t even hesitate for a moment. It’s good that there are still such kind people.

The driver has become a hero, but his identity remains a mystery. Although pets are generally not allowed on buses, the authorities of bus drivers in Buenos Aires have also praised his action, calling it a show of solidarity.

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