A Homeless Cat Spends A Year Earning A Man’s Confidence.

For over a year, a man named Lex, who didn’t initially consider himself a cat lover, has struggled to gain the trust of a homeless cat. He’s definitely a patient man, and he’s slowly getting closer to the elusive cat he’s named ‘Cinnabon’.

He observed that the kitten was quite underweight when he saw it coming home, and although he didn’t pay much attention to it at first, he eventually decided to leave it some tuna in the yard.

Despite Lex’s gesture, the cat doesn’t approach him, it seems afraid of humans, even Cinnabon often turns back for food, so Lex, to make sure the cat has something to eat, was constantly leaving water and food for him on the porch. .

“He only eats from a small bowl of food and water outside my house. And if she sees me on the other side of the glass, she’ll run away.”

Lex gradually became more interested in the homeless cat and decided to build a small house for him in the yard to serve as a shelter on chilly evenings. It was a surprise to find Cinnabon relaxing in the little cottage covered with blankets.

“I remember seeing him at his house when I looked out the window.” He is staring at me. He simply put his head down and fell asleep. I believe it was a turning point when he slept in the house. “It’s like being part of the family.”

Despite their efforts, Cinnabon is still not ready to get close to Lex, the homeless cat will have to trust him a little longer.

One day, Lex notices a cat meowing outside the house through the glass, the fake Cinnabon, still scared, wants to come in, he tries to coax it with food, and when he gets inside. home, the cat finally allowed Lex to come near and pet him.

Cinnabon and Lex are now family, and the cat prefers to live at home with him, despite the fact that the guy often leaves the porch door open so the cat can come in and out as he likes.

When Lex sees him coming home from a long separation, she says it makes her so happy. If you want to learn more about this close-knit pair, head over to his Instagram profile About him and check out his stunning photos.


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