A Helpless Puppy Had Been Tʀᴀᴘᴘᴇᴅ In A Tube For Five Hours, Firefighters Were Forced Tᴏᴄᴜᴛ It

Sometimes in life, due to the mischievousness and curiosity of animals, the dog can get into trouble. Dogs often don’t appreciate the dangers and risks they face when playing or adventuring, and they can even get their heads stuck in pipes, as happened with this dog.

In the southern town of Arbyrd, Missouri, the Kennett Fire Department received a complaint about a homeless dog stuck in a pipe and difficult to pull out. It’s an urgent scenario that needs help right away

When rescuers arrived at the site, they realized the severity of the problem. According to information, the animal was stuck at about 8am last Thursday, May 20, in the Black Yellow Potato Field. It takes hard work and sophisticated equipment to free her. In fact, it took the firefighters five hours of work to get the filament out of the tube that needed to be amputated.

“We’re extremely careful about where we’re going to cut, how we do it and trying to keep the animal quiet is a really difficult aspect to do,” said fire chief Paul Spain.

“We have effectively mitigated it. Again, the poor animal was tired, severely dehydrated, very hungry,” Spain said.

In fact, the dog had to be transferred with a piece of the tube still intact to the Kennett Veterinary Clinic. Then they anesthetized her and removed the remains of the metal things that trapped her.

He still wags his tail every time the sewer is removed, and is more awake, so that’s a really cool result.

Pet lives are just as precious as human lives to many of us. We’re so glad they even called “He’s going to have a nice home,” added the firefighter.


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