A Dog Who Had Just Given Birth Walked 3 Km A Day To Find Food For Her Puppies

A dog walks three kilometers a day in search of food to feed its ten puppies. She is now rescued and her puppies will soon find permanent homes.

In the town of Fowler, Fresno, California, locals noted that a female dog that had just given birth walked 2 miles a day in search of food for her cubs.

This is how Krystle Woodward, founder of the Pinky Paws ResQ animal rescue center, learned that the dog had been spotted roaming the area looking for food for her kids, a pack of puppies. Krystle heard about the dog almost two months ago, but no one was able to catch her, and it wasn’t until last Thursday that she was able to change the life of a devoted dog named Betty Boop and her puppy.

Krystle wrote, “I surprised Betty Boop during a break from work. She ran when I found her down. My husband ran after the truck to pick her up and save Betty Boop during my lunch break on Thursday.” Newborn puppies walk 3 kilometers a day to feed their cubs for three to four weeks. In the past, more than 30 people have seen him feed on the outskirts of town miles away to feed his young.

She wasn’t infected and the doctor said she was breastfeeding, just thinking about all the pups about to sᴛᴀʀᴠᴇ. On the sixth day, Betty Boop escaped by running outside and climbing over the fence. The dog is doing everything in his power to return to his pups. Krystle’s quest to find Betty Boop’s children has begun.

The puppies were found in the basement of an abandoned house. Kenneth Stoen, an elementary school student, is summoned by the son of a friend of Krystle’s to assist in rescuing puppies from the basement.


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