A Dog That Was Returned For Adoption Due To A Chronic Illness Found A Home In A Girl.

A dog was adopted but they eventually returned it because it was difficult to take care of. No one wanted to give her a chance for months, until she finally found out who really cared about her. 

The Humane Rescue Coalition of America doesn’t believe in giving up the puppies they rescue, so once again they’re about to offer Fiona. Crush syndrome causes the hairy girl to lose all her hair, to urinate frequently, to use expensive drugs, and to have a big belly that hits the ground.

All of this makes her an unusual prospect in the eyes of families trying to adopt a dog.

She was adopted in January of this year, but by August she was back at the shelter. The volunteers knew it would be difficult to put her up for adoption, but they wouldn’t give her up either.

Monica Whitaker is looking to adopt a kitten with her 5-year-old daughter Myanni. But soon they saw Fiona, “Is she pregnant? “The woman asked, they said no, and explained her strange and delicate condition. She also mentioned all the special care she needed and they confessed that it was for that reason that no one wanted to adopt her.

Little Myanni then reached out to stroke the dog, and a volunteer gave her a piece of cheese that she cut into small pieces she could give to Fiona. However, the girl ignores that and gives her the whole slice of cheese, hoping to see the hairy Dela satisfied in the first place.

The girl immediately knew that she wanted to adopt the dog, and her mother began to cry. Monica has known rejection ever since her 19-year-old son was involved in an accident at the age of 6 that left him speechless and mentally disabled.

The woman understood what Fiona was going through, so it was not difficult to decide that they would no longer adopt a cat, but a beautiful dog. Everyone in the rescue team said goodbye to the hairy girl who had been there for 120 days the next morning, in tears.

In a short time, Fiona felt at home with Monica’s eldest son taking her for walks every day and letting her sit on the couch. She also sleeps with Myanni and is basically the new queen of this house.



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