A Dog That Protects An Abandoned Child Prоvidеs Cоmfоrt And Friendship

An extremely touching story and has attracted many viewers on social networks. The man is touched by their friendship and takes a picture of them together. Rommel does not have as much as the dog wants such as: good food, beautiful clothes, many toys.. but only for the dog a lot of love. Turns out, that’s all the puppy wants.

Rommel Quemenales lives wandering the streets of Quezon City. His father ʟᴇꜰᴛ he was young and his mother showed little interest in her having many children. So Rommel started ʙᴇɢɢɴɪɢ and made his own money. But he didn’t do it alone. While wandering the streets, he met a homeless puppy, which quickly became his best friend. Rommel named his dog Badji after his brother Adji who had been ᴅɪsᴀᴘᴘᴇᴀʀᴇᴅ many years ago, Rommel took Badji everywhere and he put the dog’s needs before his own. They are the warmest couple you will ever see!

Although everyone wished that Rommel didn’t have to live on the streets and could have a normal childhood, they were also happy that he had a friend to play with and make him happy. Rommel’s story is far more heartbreaking than most people realize. He wants to go back to school and play with other kids his age. He explains that he has found the puppy and is Badgi. Most of the time, Badji is Rommel’s only true companion.

Rommel says his younger brother Adji got lost when they were kids and that Badji the dog reminds him of his brother. Badji is my playmate. I really consider him as my brother, said Rommel: “I even carried him like I carried my brother.”

Young Rommel spends most of his day begging for money around town, politely begging for change from strangers. The boy collects and saves as much money as he can and uses it to feed Badji and then for himself. He always carries Badji with him but when he puts the puppy down Badji always follows close behind. Rommel also saves money on school supplies so he can continue his studies.

Rommel’s life hasn’t been easy, but he always makes the most of it. The kind people who supported Rommel and his dog helped him get a good education, which is a huge win in his eyes. He wants to go to school so he can also help his siblings and Badji

Rommel likes to teach Badgi different tricks to better survive and cuddle him at night. Rommel may be a rough guy, but he’s learned to care about others and have compassion. Badgi and Rommel are lucky to have each other. Hopefully one day their life will be better and better.


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