A dalmatian expecting three puppies has given birth to a world record litter of 18.

When your dog is pregnant, you want to know how many puppies to prepare for them. After all, this number can affect everything from potential adopters to spawning spaces. It will help you know if you need help taking care of all of them or you can take care of the puppies yourself.

Cecilia Lanton-Bunkergot is the mother of Dalmatian Miley. Cecilia and her husband were delighted to welcome several new puppies to the family when they discovered Miley was pregnant.


The vet overseeing the pregnancy had predicted three litters of puppies, but Miley’s belly seemed a bit big for that. As it turned out, Miley’s litter was much larger than the three puppies.

So maybe the vet was working with faulty equipment, or maybe the vet doesn’t specialize in prenatal care. Either way, Miley and her breeders were amazed.

Not only did it have an incredible 18 puppies, but it also set a world record for the largest litter of puppies ever born. An average litter of dalmatians is eight or ten. A dog’s first pregnancy usually produces fewer puppies than average. That’s all worth it.

This may remind you of the movie 101 Dalmatians. If so, you’re not alone. Miley and her dogs are always compared to dogs in classic Disney movies.

Based on her size during pregnancy, Miley’s breeders estimated there were about 15 or 16 puppies, just like Pongo and Perdita in the movie. But Miley and Astro blew that fictitious record.

It took 13 hours of labor for the pups to be born.

There are 18 puppies in which 12 girls and 6 boys. Those brothers are 2 to 1. We wonder how that will affect their childhood.

Since they have so many sons, Cecilia and her husband are helping their new mother take care of the puppies. Always have a supply of warm fresh milk for the little dog.

Because there were so many puppies, breeders applied a temporary coat of dye to their necks. They will be replaced with leashes when they arrive. Despite the round-the-clock care, Cecilia’s family won’t be able to keep them for long and they can only leave behind one puppy. The rest will be sold or given to family and friends who have had dalmatians from the previous litter. “We will have to sell some because the cost of taking care of the puppies is very high.”

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