A Brave Korean Disaster Relief Dog Continues Search And Rescue In Turkey Despite His Injuries

As of 8 a.m. on February 10, 100 hours have passed since the tragedy occurred. The Korean disaster relief team has been diligently packing their equipment since dawn on Monday at the disaster site.

Despite the time difference and lack of sleep, the Disaster Relief Team has no time to get tired as they tirelessly continue to assist Turkey and Syria in their search for survivors.

One aid worker said: “We can only hope for a miracle starting today onward.” The first 72 hours after a catastrophic earthquake is known as the “golden age”, which is the period when there is the best chance of finding a survivor. Starting on day four, the chances of survival plummeted and conditions worsened with temperatures falling below zero degrees Celsius.

However, the Korean Rescue Team continued to search for survivors without losing hope. The rescue team sent rescue dogs to small spaces with just enough room to crawl. A brave Korean disaster relief dog continues search and rescue in Turkey despite his injuries

It has been four days since the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria.

Rescue dog Tobaek, a 6-year-old Labrador retriever, continued his rescue work despite injuring his right front leg. The day before, he injured his leg after stepping on a sharp object. His foot was bandaged to prevent the injury from getting worse as he quickly got back to work to search for survivors. Some netizens are asking for protective gear, including goggles and shoes, for the Korean rescue dogs.

The Korean disaster relief team continued its rescue efforts. But an official with the Turkish rescue team said: “We could have hoped for survivors until yesterday, but now it’s very difficult to hope for any survivors.”

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