Aʙᴀɴᴅᴏɴᴇᴅ By The Owner In Front Of The Supermarket Gate, The Poor Dog ‘Wags’ Every Passerby To Apply For Adoption

A social media account named “Binh An” recently posted a video recording an Aʙᴀɴᴅᴏɴᴇᴅ dog regularly picking up customers in front of a supermarket.

The touching story quickly goes viral with the help of pictures from everyday life that are well worth seeing. The online community burst into tears when the dog wagged its tail friendly to each guest because that action showed how much he loved them. The dog’s sweet nature and cute behavior also made many people unable to hold back their tears.

The dog is a cute brown-and-white short-haired poodle that is going viral on social media. I don’t understand why the dog was tied up there in front of the grocery store entrance, but it’s funny that it’s now the “staff” that greets customers every day.

When it sees guests coming and going, it wags its tail and is instantly loved back. His face is cute and friendly, but it’s also a little sad. It is not uncommon for people to wait for food and drinks or people passing by to eat them as a thank you.

Because they wanted to shake hands with people passing by, everyone had to stop to thank and stay with the couple. He looked at each person passing by with sad eyes mixed with regret. The dog couldn’t move, so it just stood there and wagged its tail repeatedly at the customers. Everyone in and out of the gate stopped to pet it as they passed by because it was so cute.

People don’t know how bad the dog’s situation is, but the dog’s owner left him tied to a corner while commuting to work. This makes anyone passing by feel pity for the dog as it sits there with innocent eyes waiting for its owner to return. The online community seems to “melt” because of the dog’s friendliness and cuteness.

Dogs are known to be one of the most loyal animals and in return, they teach us how to be responsible, caring and concerned. Only part of the equation is being nurtured.

Dog and cat lovers will know how comforting it is to have a furry friend by your side. The folks at the grocery store did a great job when they stopped what they were doing to tell the dog how they felt about it.

Even if it’s only for a second, the dog will certainly feel all the complex emotions that humans are going through. Dogs can only depend on us, but we treat the outside world as their whole world. All we have to do to feel positive love and affection for our pets is touch them.


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