20-Year-Old Deaf Cat ‘Tiny’ Wins Over Everyone at SPCA and Finds Purrfect Home

The SPCA of New Hampshire says, “Nothing really compares to the devotion of a senior rescue animal,” and that’s certainly true of the 20-year-old “Tiny” cat who sees her life. I was upside down curled up at the shelter after enjoying a long life as a pet cat.

But the “social butterfly” quickly became a favorite of staff and volunteers, who flocked to her crib for a cuddle each morning. Though Tiny’s laid-back world was disrupted at the end of her life she handled it all with grace and nothing but love for the people she met.

Everyone fell in love with the 20-year-old cat Tiny in mid-December 2022, the New Hampshire SPCA gave a touching share about Tiny. They recounted what she must have been thinking as she recalled her previous life starting from a makeshift cot. They say that some things only get better with time, and for our 20-year-old friend Tiny, that couldn’t be more true. Tiny comes to us with a deep understanding of what a home feels like. As she sits in her kennel and watches people pass by and stop to check on the smaller cats, she remembers all the evenings she spent cuddling on the couch next to her. her own people.” She remembers and she may be wondering why now at 20 when she needed the most consistency, security, and comfort, suddenly she’s gone.

Tiny won the Cat Booth at SPCA and was a magnet for everyone’s attention. It’s a great reminder that seniors are great companions and deserve more focus and attention.

Tiny although her coat may show her age, she is 100% best friend. If you walk into our Cat Pavilion during animal care in the morning, you’ll most likely find staff and volunteers flocking to her kennel in the hope of sneaking a few hugs before the new day begins. And while Tiny brought smiles to all of their faces, no one was happier than she was in those moments.

Sadly, older cats are often overlooked in shelters, especially a 20-year-old cat! “We know Tiny’s age will deter a lot of potential adopters but it’s a well-kept secret here that nothing really compares to the devotion of an emergency rescue animal. High. While there’s no guarantee Tiny will last for many years to come, we know she will give her family lifelong love whatever time she has left,” they wrote. 

And just like that, Tiny found her new home! Passed this afternoon. Tiny’s experienced adopter shares that she’s already warm and cozy in bed. She was welcomed into a home where the family had just said goodbye to their beloved 18-year-old cat Noni. So Tiny helped them heal their hearts and their experience with the health needs of older cats will be invaluable. “We are delighted to welcome Tiny into our home and give her the love and care she deserves,” they wrote.

Tiny is slowly settling down. She seems to enjoy her new cozy bed and Christmas cottage. She’s done a lot of grooming because it looks like she hasn’t maintained her coat in a while she looks so much less tangled! Today she learned about photography. While no cat can replace Noni, it’s been a pleasure to give this little lady a permanent home over the holidays.


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