20 Funny and perfect photos of cats about to sneeze

It’s safe to say that cats are extremely photogenic, but these cats, all sneezed in the middle, prove that even cats can look silly and lose their temper just like us humans.

Cats primarily sneeze for the same reasons as us to expel nasty mucus or particles. And they look a lot like us when they sneeze, with their normally cute faces twisted in a ferocious or hilarious way.

Cats can be allergic to things like mold, cleaning chemicals, candles, or cigarette smoke. Given the amount of time they like to spend in corners, in tight spaces and under furniture, it’s no surprise they get quite a bit of dust.

1. This buddy seems lost.


This one will take some time to gain consciousness. He’s totally lost 😂😂

2. Someone told him a joke and he cracked up.

3. The face Tom makes when his tail gets stuck somewhere

4. This catto is singing at the top of its lungs.


5. When you open the front camera of your phone.

6. And then my hooman called my name. He thought I’d respond.

7. is one seems to yawn


8. “Ah! The stupid refreshing feeling of grass.”

9. *Sees his own reflection in the mirror.* “AAAHHHH!!!!”

10 . “YUK! I hate this weather.”

However, if your cat doesn’t stop sneezing, it could be a sign of a more serious respiratory condition. If your cat sneezes a lot, you should see the vet!

11. This one will bring down the whole place with just one sneeze.

12. This one will bring down the whole place with just one sneeze.

13. “Oh, you!”

14. “Say, what!?”

15. “My hooman thinks he will sleep early tonight.”

16. “Ah, what’s that again? I think I’m getting short-sighted.”

16. “So my hooman was cuddling me and thought I wouldn’t scratch.”

18.“Hooman, I said I don’t want milk for breakfast!”

19. “What? Love is in the air? YUK! Where’s my mask?”

20. *Throws a ball* “I got this hooman!”

P.S. We always do our best to credit individual photographers, but sometimes it’s not possible to keep track of some of them. Please contact us if you know the missing authors.

That’s all for today, folks! 


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