11 Year Old Cat Now Has a Place of Her Own After Nearly a Year Trying to Win People Over

Mimi the cat was brought into Sparkle Cat Rescue (an all-volunteer rescue in NC) after her owner sadly passed away. She is about 11 years old and is accompanied by another cat named Rocco, a few years younger than her.

At first, Mimi was confused and uncertain about her new environment which was understandable. Within a day of her arrival, she hid out and started eating and using her litter box. Having familiar items (cat bed, cat tower, and blanket) from her old home really helped Mimi ease into her new space.

Realizing that she is safe, Mimi musters up courage to seek affection from everyone, and her personality begins to shine. She will find a comfortable spot to lie down beside her human and offer to be their most loyal companion. While her best friend Rocco likes to do her own thing, Mimi becomes everyone’s cat she’s always been.

When Mimi has returned to her confidence, she is determined to find that special someone to love forever. She’ll stare at everyone she meets with her big, doe eyes until she gets what she wants – their attention and plenty of caresses. The loofah put on a beautiful and seductive look, trying to win everyone over.

Month after month, Mimi found herself longing for her forever person. She hopes that one day she will find her dream home. She gets along well with the other cats in the house, but she is completely intoxicated with her human friends. Mimi has a full dental and a clean health bill, but she has occasional behavior problems in the litter box. That might be why she doesn’t get many adoption requests.

After nearly a year in foster care, a young man named James came to meet and greet Mimi. She put her best hand forward, and needless to say, it was love at first glance. James welcomed her into the house with open arms. That night, Mimi took over his chair and stayed beside him. James has a 7-year-old, cat-friendly dog, Suzie, who visits for the weekend. After a gradual introduction, Mimi took a liking to her canine friend and even tried to keep her company.

With a wonderful home and a loving person, Mimi is thriving in her field and is very comfortable with her new friend Suzie.


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