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Having pets can mean having best friends. They are sweet and are able to show unconditional love. Cats and dogs may not be able to express verbally how much they care for you or adore you, but you will be surprised during times when they surprise you with little gifts you never expected.

Among the common things that you will find with them when they return may be dead birds, frogs, and other creatures that can give you a scare. However, there are also times that you’ll be presented with freshly cooked food stolen from a picnic or from the neighbor’s yard. This is a list of the most adorable little pets looking at their reflections, as if they were telling them: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the furriest of them all?” We may not know the reason for such behavior, but at least we know the motif.

These pet owners were surely amazed at what their pets brought them. Some were too sweet to bring flowers, a hat, and a basket. Whatever it is that they bring, you will be delighted and realize, it’s the thought that matters.

#1 Brought A Little Gift

#2 When I Lifted Her Head, I Almost Died From Laughing. Dentures! An Elderly Couple Owned This House Before Me And I Think Maybe It Was Theirs

#3 My Dog Is Too Good For This World, He Brought Me A Flower

#4 If you throw the ball a few more times, you’ll have enough to make mashed potatoes. Maybe she’s not such a dumb doggo after all!

#5 Okay, I posed for the picture like a good boy – is it okay if I spit it out now? It doesn’t taste anything like a tiny tree.

#6 ”Friend is a new mom, today her dog brought her this.”

#7 ”We’ve just got home and Charlie’s brought me a tenner…”

#8 Our dog brings us random objects to welcome us when we come home.

#9 What my dog so thoughtfully brought to me after rolling around in the mud at the park

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